My day In Mansfield TX

The owner of Mansfield Pest Control Pros  visits the town!

Mansfield TX is a town in the state of Texas that I knew I had to visit when I was traveling through the state. It’s a quiet suburb that has a lot of character to it.


What I really enjoyed was the fact of how much pride the town took in its own history. There’s a museum that I visited that was solely dedicated to the history of the town of Mansfield. It had exhibits from many different aspects of the town, from educators, to founders, to commerce. I really admired how much pride the town took in its own history.


I’m a musician/big fan of music, so I knew I had to go look at the Farr Best Theater in the center of town. I was not disappointed. It had been recently renovated in 2017, so the auditorium and seating still looked brand new. I loved the overall aesthetic. I also really admire the fact that its a big asset when it comes to developing local artists, from adult performers that have been veteran performers for years, to children’s classes where kids start to find their own voices. I enjoyed seeing the local performance I was invited to watch. It was a theater class that was in mid dress rehearsal before showcasing it to the town the next week.



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